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Promote your business. Preserve the planet.

The bar for quality in the pest management industry has been raised. Introducing GreenPro, the new program from NPMA. GreenPro is a way for your company to stand out as an environmentally-responsible business. By meeting the standards of the program, your business will take on a whole new dimension.

GreenPro companies…

  • Employ a comprehensive, environmentally friendly approach when treating a property.
  • Investigate the source of the problem – and eliminate it – before applying pesticides.
  • Apply pesticides only when necessary.

Going green has never been so important. By becoming a GreenPro company, you’ll show your commitment to your customers and the environment.

It’s easy to be green.

To become a GreenPro member, you must first be a QualityPro company. For more information, check out

If you are already a QualityPro member in good standing, there is no extra cost to become GreenPro. Simply contact QualityPro at or 800-678-6722. You will receive a GreenPro Registration CD, which contains everything you need to become a member. It’s that easy.

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Transition to GreenPro
GPC Orientation Manual
GPC Standards
Model Green Contract
Model Service Ticket
GPC Testing and Training Manual
GPC Advisory Committee
GPC Audit
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