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Top Rated Raleigh Exterminators & Termite Inspectors

No one likes living with pests, be it rodents or ants, they are unwelcome in any building. It is natural to sigh and think the problem will go away. But it won’t.

Don’t despair! Help is near. Leave it to the experts, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. See our list of top rated, affordable Raleigh NC pest control companies in your area.

It is important to get a few written cost estimates to compare services and costs. Choose those companies that are certified, reliable, top rated and closest to you. Make sure there are no hidden costs.

The next step is to deal with the problem in an informed way.


Bug Man Exterminators

7429 Acc Blvd
Raleigh, NC 27617

(919) 309-2400

7:30 am – 4:30 pm


ProForce Pest Control

Serving Raleigh and surrounding area

2700 Sumner Blvd

Raleigh, NC 27616

(919) 776-3672


Carolina Wildlife Removal

Serving Raleigh and surrounding area

2316 Sapphire Valley Dr

Raleigh, NC 27604

(919) 670-3183

7:00 am – 12:00 am


How To Choose A Pest Control Raleigh NC Company


Make sure you get the best pest control company to do the job.

Here are a few easy tips to guide you in deciding which pest control company would suit your needs and pocket best.


Verify a track record

Choose at least 2, but rather 3 pest control companies, and verify their track record. A quick search of the department of consumer affairs and the Better Business Bureau is not a bad idea.


Check company history

Make sure the company you choose has a history of being professional and reliable to ensure you get what you are promised. Do a search on referrals and complaints.


Review the contract

Read the contract and warranty with care, and make sure you understand the small print. Always check the back of all contracts.


Insurance and certification

Check the company’s Liability & Workman’s Compensation Insurance Certificates and make sure the technician doing the job is certified and qualified.


Price transparency of long-term contracts

Follow-up visits are often required especially in the case of termites and ants. Ask the company for a price protection guarantee to avoid being landed with high bills down the line.


Review the service contract

  • How many months will your home or business be serviced?
  • Which chemicals are used and how will they be applied?
  • Make sure you understand how many treatments are covered and how often the pest controllers will need to apply them.
  • In the case of termite treatments, ask if the damaged wood area will need to be replaced, and if inspections are covered. Get the labels of chemicals that will be used, and see if you are happy with the choice. What is he environmental impact of chemicals used?
  • Find out how long the service will take and how often the company will return for inspections.
  • Ask how preventative pest control will be used.


Services offered by exterminators in Raleigh NC:

  • Pest control – Residential
  • Pest control – Commercial
  • Bed Bug control
  • Bird control
  • Carpenter ant control
  • General ant control
  • Tick & flea control
  • Floor & drain cleaning
  • Fly control
  • Mosquito control
  • Odor control
  • Rodent and wildlife control
  • Stinging insects control (e.g. wasps)
  • Scorpion control
  • Termite inspection & control
  • Termite bait & monitoring services
  • Dry wood termite control
  • Subterranean termite removal
  • Fumigation services
  • Insulation installation
  • Rat Control
  • Spider control
  • Bee & wasp removal
  • Roach control and extermination


Pests and pest control services in Raleigh, North Carolina




Ants are the most common pests in houses throughout the country. They can cause serious structural damage to your home. Once they invade your house their eggs are everywhere. Curb them as soon as you spot them. Fire ants in the lawn can cause painful bites and it is better to set up a defense for kids and pets.


Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are sneaky and it might take a while before you notice they are living with you, by then, they are usually entrenched. Infestations are on the rise, and they are considered a public health problem. Don’t lose sleep over bed bugs. Just call a pest control specialist to find an effective and efficient treatment option.


Bees and Wasps


Bee and wasp infestations are a major concern for any homeowner. Not only are their stings painful, but could also be dangerous if you, or a member of your family is allergic. Bees are precious to the environment therefore it is best to have hives removed and re-located. But you will need the assistance of a professional.




Mosquitoes are not only an irritating itch, and a buzzing at night, but they could even make you ill. Watch out for breading places such as stagnant water. Let a specialist help you eliminate them from your life.




They like dark damp spaces and invade houses in search of food. It could be a challenge to get rid of them as they are extremely resilient and can survive almost anything. Call an expert to eradicate them from your home permanently.


Fleas and Ticks


Fleas and ticks are not limited to pets. They are difficult to get rid of and are immune to certain treatments at certain stages in their lifecycle. Ask a pest professional to devise a plan for you to eradicate these hardy little pests.




Certain spiders one can live with, because they are harmless, but others are a threat. If you are not sure if they are good guys, call in a specialist to identify them and if need be, get rid of them, and prevent them from coming back.




Across the States, termites cause damage amounting to billions. They could be using your home as a food supply to their colony long before you notice, because they might be living nearby without you knowing it. Let a specialist pest control professional assess the situation and look for the signs of termites to provide you with a solution that suits you needs and budget.




Rodents are one of the worst pests to have as tenants, keeping you up all night with their scurrying in the kitchen. Rodents often carry disease, and the thought of them running over your face at night is not a pleasant one. Rather let a pest control professional help eradicate them in a responsible way.



Industries served


Our list of pest control professional are sought after experts and are qualified to control any infestation of pests with a wide range of expertise and treatments, be it natural, organic or chemical, fumigation or tenting.


It is not just homes that are taken care of, but other areas too.


Pest control for Commercial Buildings

It is wise to invest in preventative pest control before a problem arises. Let a professional Raleigh exterminator do an assessment, and give you pest control prices to maintain a clean building.


Pest control for Restaurants

Restaurants can easily become breeding places for pests, and they are at high risk, and could suffer great loss if health inspections are failed. Our professionals will help you keep your kitchen five star clean, and ensure a sanitary work place and happy clients.


Pest control for Hotels


Our experts have years of experience in the hotel industry and know infestations lead to great embarrassment for mangement. Get a premier package at affordable rates from a quality pets control company nearest to you.


Pest Control in Condos and High Rise Living


Where there are high volumes of people in limited space there is great potential for pest problems. You can’t control your neighbors’ environment but you can defend yours. Let an expert evaluate your surroundings and help you live a pest free life. Building owners should have apartments treated before new tenants arrive.


Industrial Pest control


Industrial areas are most important to keep pest free, pharmaceutical, medical, governmental, educational, and of course the food industry are all happy clients of our participating pest controllers. We inspect all areas of your facility then treat, manage and protect it, keeping you safe from any current or future threats.


Rest assured no matter how bad your pest problem may seem to you, any of these exterminators in Raleigh NC has the stamp of approval and will deliver a quality service at affordable prices. Call one today and get them to advise you not only on the best removal plan, but on the everyday management of pests.