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Top Rated Richmond Exterminators & Termite Inspectors

Finding top rated local contractors is always a positive step. In general, you’ll find local businesses more affordable, but you do need to ensure that they’re fully professional. In this exclusive listing, you will find licensed, insured and completely reliable exterminators in Richmond VA. Their success is based on sound knowledge, considerable expertise and absolutely above-board business transactions.


Although you may be inclined to simply choose the business nearest to you, it’s invariably worthwhile to obtain a number of estimates from different companies first. That way, you can not only compare costs to get the best pest control prices, but also determine whether there are various treatment strategies for dealing with your problem and ask questions to help you decide which methods are best.


PestMasters Termite & Pest Control

Serving Richmond and surrounding area

6525 Dickens Pl

Richmond, VA 23230

Phone number

(804) 285-1191


Pest Solutions

5612 W Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23230

(804) 550-9005

9:00 am – 6:00 pm


Vermillion Pest Elimination

Serving Richmond and surrounding area

Phone number

(804) 353-3226

9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Pest Terminator

Serving South Chesterfield and surrounding area

16416 Jefferson Davis Highway

South Chesterfield, VA 23834

(804) 893-2844

8:00 am – 5:00 pm


How To Choose A Pest Control Richmond VA Company


Once you have obtained at least three estimates, you can begin with the selection process. The importance of choosing the right pest control experts cannot be understated. How should you go about it?

Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert on the subject of pest control. All you need is a commonsense approach. Here are the factors you should take into account:


What does the company propose doing and why?

As the client, you have a right to know exactly what the treatment process entails. What chemicals will be used and how will they be applied? What is the company’s reasoning when suggesting certain methods? The cheapest estimate may not represent the highest quality approach. Be informed.

Are they willing to provide proof of certifications and insurance?

With the Richmond exterminators you will find here, risks are extremely low, but in the unlikely event of things going wrong, you need to know that no liabilities will accrue to you. And because pest control chemicals are dangerous in the hands of untrained individuals, you need to know that all the expertise required for safe pest treatment application is present.

How sure are they that their pest management strategy works?

When a business is sure of its success in dealing with your problem, it’s easy to offer a warranty. If there is no warranty, you need to know why! After all, you aren’t getting experts in just so that you end up with the same problem within a short space of time.

Which firms are known for their excellent customer service?

The last thing you want is a string of broken promises, missed appointments, or inaccurate bills that take months to rectify. The best way to find out whether a company offers good customer services is to visit third part review websites. Alternatively, you can check whether your local Better Business Bureau has had to field any serious complaints.

What are you letting yourself in for?

The terms and conditions to which you will be subject on acceptance of an estimate should be clear and unambiguous. When entering into longer-term pest management agreements, this is even more important. What are you expected to give, and what can you expect to get in return? What happens if you decide to cancel the contract?


Services Offered by exterminators in Richmond VA:

  • Pest control – Residential
  • Pest control – Commercial
  • Bed Bug control
  • Bird control
  • Carpenter ant control
  • General ant control
  • Tick & flea control
  • Floor & drain cleaning
  • Fly control
  • Mosquito control
  • Odor control
  • Rodent and wildlife control
  • Stinging insects control (e.g. wasps)
  • Scorpion control
  • Termite inspection & control
  • Termite bait & monitoring services
  • Dry wood termite control
  • Subterranean termite removal
  • Fumigation services
  • Insulation installation
  • Rat Control
  • Spider control
  • Bee & wasp removal
  • Roach control and extermination


What pests are commonly a problem in Richmond, VA?

Knowing your enemy is the best defense. What are you up against, and how can these pests be combatted?




Roaches are among the first pests that will spring to anyone’s mind. They don’t actually cause any serious damage to buildings or building contents, but a thriving cockroach population carries with it a nasty smell, and germs are spread when they scurry around to feed. “Gross out” value is high, so keeping your home or business roach free is important. The best pest control companies will know all the sneaky places you’d never think of that roaches choose to hide in, and they will be able to offer you long-lasting solutions that don’t put you at risk.




Unlike roaches, termites don’t carry germs all over the premises. Instead, they’re just interested in eating up all the wood structural components in your building. They’re all too good at this, and are implicated in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to structures every year. Worst of all, they’re very subtle. Signs of termite infestation are often only spotted during a pest inspection by an expert. If you wait until the damage becomes apparent, it is likely to be extensive. Fortunately, termites are good candidates for preventative pest control. Find out more by contacting a local pest management business.




These critters may feature in cartoons as being cute, but it sure isn’t cute when they’re on the loose in your home or place of business. They have a need to gnaw, and boy, do they gnaw! Electrical wiring, insulation, wooden skirting, stored items and more are all fair game as far as they’re concerned. Between gnawing, nesting and feeding, you’d think the damage they do is already more than sufficient reason to get rid of them, but they also bring health risks along with them. In-house attempts at controlling rodents are positively dangerous and may well prove ineffective. Give Mickey and the crew the boot with the help of professionals.




Bees aren’t really pests. They’re actually very beneficial insects that are important to environmental health. But having them setting up home in your space can place you in a dangerous situation. What’s to be done? Removal of the swarm is the only solution, and for that you need experienced people who know how to do the job safely without hurting themselves, you, or the bees.




When fleas move in, they do so in force. Short of placing yourself in danger by saturating the entire area with pesticide, there’s nothing much you can do about it. And even if you can kill off the grown-up fleas, larvae and eggs are likely to remain behind. There’s nothing for it. Get the fumigation services from people who know how to control fleas professionally. They’ll also have access to better chemicals than you will ever be able to get without certification.


Ticks, spiders, ants, pantry pests and more


Whatever your pest problem, finding the right solution requires expertise. Fire ants in lawns, for example, can make time spent in your garden a misery. Do you have to co-exist with these colonies of irritating insects? No, you do not! Get the experts on your side!



Homes and industries benefit


Homeowners aren’t the only ones who don’t want to coexist with pests. Businesses protect their inventory, their reputation and their clients and personnel by staying on top of pest problems. Generally, a full-service pest management contract is entered into. Absolutely any industry or line of business benefits from proper pest control. For example:


  • Apartments, condos and residential complexes
  • Factories, workshops and warehouses
  • Retail and wholesale stores
  • Office complexes and individual offices
  • Food and hospitality businesses


Contrary to popular belief, the treatment methods used by professionals are not more toxic than those available to householders. But even some organic and natural remedies require special equipment and training to apply, so they aren’t all available to the public. Richmond Pest Control professionals always choose the least toxic, safest options available. Do your pest control the smart way by taking advantage of this opportunity.